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Our high-quality bookkeeping service goes beyond data entry; it involves a holistic approach to managing your financial data, providing you with the insights and support you need for successful business operations and growth.

  • Comprehensive Data Entry: Accurate recording of all financial transactions, including income, expenses, invoices, and payments.

  • Categorization and Classification: Properly categorizing transactions into relevant accounts and expense categories for easy tracking and reporting.

  • Bank and Credit Card Reconciliation: Regularly reconciling bank and credit card statements with financial records to identify discrepancies and ensure accuracy.

  • Expense Tracking: Monitoring business expenses to identify cost-saving opportunities and areas of overspending.
  • Financial Reporting: Generating regular financial statements, including balance sheets and profit and loss statements, to provide an overview of your business’s financial health.

  • Tax Preparation Support: Compiling financial information and documents necessary for accurate tax preparation

  • …and more.


Our high-quality payroll service ensures that your employees are paid accurately and on time while relieving your business of the complexities of payroll management and compliance. It provides peace of mind knowing that your payroll processes are in expert hands, allowing you to focus on other critical aspects of your business.

  • Employee Onboarding: Collecting necessary information and documentation for new employees, including tax forms and direct deposit details.

  • Payroll Processing: Accurate calculation of employee salaries, wages, bonuses, and commissions based on hours worked or agreed-upon rates.

  • Tax Withholding: Properly deducting federal, state, and local taxes, as well as Social Security and Medicare contributions, from employee paychecks.

  • Time and Attendance Tracking: Recording employee work hours accurately, integrating with time-tracking systems if necessary.

  • Direct Deposits: Facilitating direct deposit of employee payments into their bank accounts.

  • Payroll Deductions: Handling various payroll deductions, including health insurance premiums, retirement contributions, and wage garnishments.

  • Payroll Reports: Generating detailed payroll reports for both employers and employees, outlining earnings, deductions, and taxes.

  • Year-End Reporting: Preparing and distributing W-2 forms to employees and filing necessary tax documents with government agencies.

  • ..and more.

HR Support

Our high-quality HR support service goes beyond administrative tasks; it actively contributes to a harmonious, compliant, and growth-oriented work environment. It ensures that employees are effectively managed, motivated, and empowered, allowing businesses to focus on their core activities while fostering a thriving workforce.

  • Employee Onboarding: Facilitating the seamless integration of new hires into the company, including paperwork, training, and introductions.

  • Employee Records Management: Organizing and maintaining accurate records of employee information, contracts, and performance evaluations.

  • HR Compliance: Ensuring compliance with labor laws, regulations, and industry standards to mitigate legal risks.

  • Policy and Handbook Development: Creating employee handbooks and policies that outline company expectations, procedures, and codes of conduct.

  • Benefits Administration: Managing employee benefits enrollment, coordination, and communication with benefit providers.

  • Recruitment and Hiring: Assisting with job posting, resume screening, interviewing, and candidate selection.
  • Legal Compliance: Providing guidance on legal matters related to employment, such as discrimination, harassment, and labor laws.
  • Workplace Culture Enhancement: Advising on strategies to cultivate a positive and collaborative workplace culture.

  • HR Consultation: Offering expert advice and recommendations on various HR matters, tailored to the business’s needs. 

  • …and more.


Paloma Payroll’s high-quality accounting service goes beyond number crunching; it actively contributes to a business’s financial stability, growth, and compliance. It provides businesses with the financial insights and strategies needed to thrive in a dynamic and competitive market.

  • Accounts Receivable: Tracking customer invoices, monitoring payment timelines, and following up on outstanding payments.

  • Accounts Payable: Managing supplier invoices, ensuring timely payments, and optimizing cash flow.

  • Bank Reconciliation: Regularly reconciling bank and credit card statements with financial records to identify discrepancies and ensure accuracy.

  • Expense Analysis: Identifying cost-saving opportunities and areas of overspending to optimize financial efficiency.

  • Financial Reporting: Creating customized reports based on specific business needs, such as departmental breakdowns or project costs.

  • Tax Planning and Compliance: Proactively planning tax strategies to minimize liabilities and ensuring accurate and timely tax filings.

  • Financial Analysis: Providing insights into financial trends, performance indicators, and areas for improvement.

  • Budgeting and Forecasting: Assisting with creating budgets and forecasting financial performance for informed decision-making.

  • Internal Controls: Implementing measures to safeguard financial transactions and prevent fraud.

  • Cash Flow Management: Strategizing ways to optimize cash flow and maintain healthy working capital.
  • Financial Consultation: Providing expert financial advice and recommendations tailored to business goals.

  • Ongoing Communication: Regularly engaging with clients to provide updates, insights, and address financial queries.
  • …and more.

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