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Who We Are.



Paloma Payroll is a company founded through the passions of owner Mikaela Perry. Having spent her entire professional career within the bookkeeping and payroll field, she harnessed the inspiration and encouragement coming from those closest to her and started Grady Accounting in 2013; 13 years after first entering the bookkeeping profession.

Always Evolving


In an exciting transformation, in 2021, Grady Accounting rebranded to Paloma Payroll in effort to better incorporate key members’ DNA into the principles and deliverables.

At Paloma Payroll, you’re working with a team of people all focused on continued growth and development. This translates to your experience with us, and your success. Both personally and within business, we are rooting for your vision of happiness and will grow with you towards its actualization.

Obsessed with Quality


With dedication to transparency, communication, accuracy and timeliness we deliver results that drive your business forward. Our experience combined with our commitment to continued education keeps us at the forefront of information and training. We are consistently fielding new technological advances that can assist in driving both ours and our clients’ businesses forward. Through implementation of structured systems and automation, we are able to provide the story of your business through data insights. 

People First


Our team is capable and eager to manage the core details of your day-to-day operation, allowing you to refocus that time and energy into another area of your life or business. We do so with a sincere caring for your success and stake in your happiness. We prioritize the people within our team, so they can engage with our clients in a caring, authentic way.

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