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Use Paloma's Expertise to Find Financial Peace for Your Business.

We’re dedicated to transparency, communication, accuracy and timeliness.

We deliver results that drive your business forward.



Our Services


Our team can partner with you in the processing of your daily transactions, Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, sales tax returns, and internal financial reviews.


Employees are critical to a small-business’ success, and our team is available to partner with you to manage your payroll process from timesheets through year-end W2 and W3 processing.

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Strategy & Oversight

Experience is everything. At Paloma Payroll, our team can manage the employee experience alongside your team through our Human Relations Support services.

Use Our Professional Services to

Upgrade Your Business.


We hold a commitment to nurturing the relationship between our clients and our team above all else. We see and embrace the natural connection between us, as humans.


Our team is capable and eager to manage the core details of your day-to-day operation, allowing you to refocus on growing your business and enjoying your life.


Paloma Payroll is dedicated to successful execution, transparency, communication, accuracy and timeliness as we deliver results that drive your business forward.

At Paloma Payroll, No Project is Too Big and No Client is Too Small.


It’s important to our team that our clients are supported on their business journey in all the ways they need.

In addition to our standard Bookkeeping, Accounting, Payroll and HR Services we can also help with:

  • transaction backlog processing
  • financial systems implementation
  • hiring/talent acquisition support
  • business financial health assessment
  • special projects
  • more…


Don't Let the Complexities of Your Financials Burden You Any Longer

Upgrade Your Business

We’ll partner with you and process your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable, Sales Tax Returns, and Internal Financial Reviews.


We help you leverage technology as a force multiplier.


We’ll help design, document and deploy Standardized Processes, supported by Accounting, Technology and Business Best-Practices.


We’ll Provide Transparency into the State of Your Business so you can control your financial picture and Achieve Your Goals.


Our Services

Managed Service Plans

Decisive leaders with an acute awareness of business needs may be ready to implement one of our premium business service packages.

Designed for maximum impact, Paloma Payroll’s Managed Service Plans are comprehensive solutions for businesses looking for a competitive advantage.

A La Carte:

Paloma Payroll can take as little or as much off of your plate as is needed.



Paloma Payroll has the team available to manage your entire scope of bookkeeping from daily bookkeeping entries through month-end reconciliation and internal financial statement preparation and review.  Our team can partner with you in the processing of your Accounts Payable and Accounts Receivable accounting, sales tax returns, and internal financial reviews. With our focus on structure and implementation of processes, we aide in transparency, accuracy and control around your financial picture and goals.




Paloma Payroll understands that importance and value employees infuse into a company; they are the backbone of any good organization. As a reflection of this understanding, we partner with you to ensure that every employee is paid timely, accurately and that the employee experiences a level of transparency with their payroll data. Our team is available to partner with you to manage the payroll process from timesheet delivery through year end W2 and W3 processing.

Employee Experience Management

At Paloma Payroll, it’s our experience that a healthy relationship between an employer and employee, one with clear and transparent communication, most often result in a prosperous experience for both parties. At Paloma Payroll our team can manage the employee experience through our HR services that include employee managed time keeping, team communication and assignments, paid and sick time calculation and tracking and more. We care greatly about ensuring you and your staff have a relationship focused on employee value and contribution.



Our comprehensive Accounting Services are designed to provide you with the insights, clarity, and confidence needed to steer your business towards sustainable growth and profitability. Our expert accountants meticulously track and categorize every financial transaction, prepare timely and well-organized financial reports, ensure that you meet your tax obligations accurately and on time, and we even offer personalized financial advice tailored to your business’s unique needs and goals. 




In addition to our core competencies in accounting and payroll, we also offer a range of specialized project-based services that complement our financial expertise. Whether it’s conducting financial audits, implementing advanced financial software solutions, or providing tailored financial training for your team, our experienced professionals are adept at delivering exceptional results. With an in-depth understanding of diverse industries and a commitment to precision, we seamlessly integrate these project-based solutions into your business framework. At Paloma Payroll, we go beyond traditional financial services to provide you with a comprehensive suite of offerings that meet your unique needs and drive your business’s success.

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